7 Days To Lovin’ The Body

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There is a woman inside you yearning to break free. You know you feel her… Confident. Playful. Sexy. Thriving. A L I V E! She’s ready to rock her body, love her life and feel fabulous in her skin.

YOU can have all this, and so much more. The only problem?

You don’t know how to make it happen – and, stay there.

It’s NOT Your Fault.

There’s a multi-billion dollar fitness and media industry out there literally programming you to dislike everything about your body. It’s keeping you from seeing the power you already have inside you to feel confident about your body and experience the lasting, permanent changes you desire.

In a world overloaded with weight loss hype and bombarded with body image distortion, it can be near impossible to feel any connection to your body, let alone stay motivated and on track with your goals.

You’ve grown up in a society where you’re made to believe that being desirable is more important than understanding your own desires. Because of that, your dreams and aspirations have taken a back seat.



Your body is amazing at being an indicator for you. You know you’re stifling your power when you notice physical manifestations such as these:

  • Fatigue
  • Overwhelm
  • Weight gain
  • Low self-esteem
  • Emotional eating
  • Disordered eating
  • Lack of motivation
  • Chronic aches & pains
  • Unhealthy relationships
  • Unbalanced lifestyle choices
  • No sense of purpose or inspiration
  • Obsessive need to “detox” & “cleanse”

If You’re Finally Ready to Experience REAL Change, Then BODY SOUL REBOOT Is for YOU

Let’s guide your revolution! Learning to feel comfortable and powerful in your skin may not be the easiest journey you’ve ever been on, however, it doesn’t have to be a painful battle. Way too often I receive message from women that say, “I want to feel beautiful and empowered, but after trying so many times and failing I just don’t know if it will ever be possible for me.” It is moments like these when I’m reminded that I’m meant to do this work: to support women in claiming their power and truly experiencing freedom.
No matter what your goal — whether you are starting over or it’s time for a body-soul reboot — you are exactly in the perfect place to begin.

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For over a decade and a half, I’ve helped transform the bodies and lives of some remarkable women – athletes, TV personalities, CEO’s, mom-preneurs, high level exec’s and leading edge leaders on a mission to change the world. What absolutely floors me every single time is that no matter what type of woman I work with, or whether they come to me from my own backyard or connect with me from across the globe, each of them battles with the exact same struggles.

Does this sound familiar?

  • I always start all gung ho, but I’m not disciplined enough to actually stick to any strict program or diet.
  • One minute I’m making progress, and the next minute I’ve completely fallen off the wagon… again!
  • I’m so busy! I wish I had something that worked with my insane schedule and lifestyle.
  • No matter what I try, I can’t seem to shrink my thighs, my arms, my butt, my stomach.
  • I wish I felt confident about my body.
  • Why can’t I control my cravings?
  • I feel so alone on my journey.
  • I hate my body.

This is what inspired me to create Revolution Gratitude: Weight Loss For Your Body & Life, a virtual transformation program designed to guide and support the ambitious, soul-centered woman who has a deep longing for embodying a healthier, empowered relationship with her body.

Tara Howisley

“A Jedi Princess on pleasurable fitness and nourishment for increased manifestation and lifestyle magic!”

Tara Howisley Founder of Radiant Goddess Collective
Kimberly Miller Davis

“Because of the tips Sylvia shared with me before I hit the road, I have been ‘owning’ myself this week and cannot wait to get home to start following my meal plan!”

Kimberly Miller DavisUnited States House of Representatives Legislative Director & Johnson & Johnson Political Director
Jenn Bradshaw Almond

“Syl walked right beside me, looked inside me, and opened me up to the power of sharing my own light. That is revolutionary, it’s a huge step for me! I now feel filled with self care, support and fun filled colors that shine. I could not have done this without the work I’ve been doing with this tribe.”

Jenn Bradshaw AlmondFounder at Modern Day Medicine Woman
Amber Rae

“My career was taking off but I didn’t have the personal or wellness practices in place to be at my best. This all changed when I met Sylvia. Now, I’ve lost 20 pounds, I’m the healthiest version of myself, I’m more confident and comfortable with my body than ever before, my eating and wellness habits have changed, and I know there is no way in hell I’ll ever turn back. I guarantee she will change your life.”

Amber Rae Founder and CEO of The Bold Academy, Creator at The World We Want and Writer at Fast Company
Roxanne Diaz

“Sylvia has an amazing talent for connecting with people, understanding them profoundly and from this perspective seeing their full potential. This makes her something more than just a coach. Syl is a force to be reckoned with – an inspiration; a motivator; a wealth of knowledge and a can of whoop-ass all in one little package – with a big smile, to boot!”

Roxanne Diaz Vice President of Operations of Fortune 100 Company
Mary Anne Radmacher

“Working with Sylvia is an engaging experience. She is reciprocal, supportive and respectful. Sylvia’s insights help me every day. I admire her authenticity and verve and benefit from her enthusiasm.”

Mary Anne Radmacher World Renowned 11-Time Best Selling Author & Artist
Marissa Herring

“I knew I could do great things, but Sylvia took me beyond what I thought I could accomplish. She pushed me, supported me, and took me to my peak. She develops true relationships with her clients. She genuinely wants you to succeed, to grow and to find your passion. Sylvia will transform you!”

Marissa HerringCEO of Garage Mama Fitness and Trinity Sports Performance
Cloe Shasha

“Sylvia is an incredible motivator and trainer. I felt alive, healthy, and energized after every session. And, everything we did was so much fun. She’s amazing!”

Cloe ShashaContent & Program Producer at TED Conferences
Monet Colbert

“Sylvia is a rare human being and one that I am very grateful to know. She helped me uncover just what I was really made of. In working with her I learned things about myself that went further than just diet or training. Her message inspired me to become the best “me” that I had no idea even existed!”

Monet Colbert Founder & CEO, Shades Of Monet Cosmetics
Ted Gonder

“I met Sylvia, and everything changed. She listened to my story and immediately picked up on exactly what I needed. Three months later, I’m in the best shape since college and just crushed a 12-mile obstacle course called the Tough Mudder. I’m hooked! Sylvia changed my life, and can change yours too.”

Ted GonderCo-Founder of Moneythink, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at The White House
Joe Chisholm

“Sylvia gave me a new perspective and easily attainable goals that have engaged me in a way that has me looking forward to my daily workouts. I see a slow and steady improvement in my overall well being as a result of her patient advice and coaching. My focus and intent to create a better me is all a result of her incredibly positive energy and true desire to see me become a better person.”

Joe ChisholmCast & Crew of OSCAR Award Winning Documentary, ‘The Cove’
Antonio Neves

“My work with THINQACTION is all about helping young professionals create their own luck and identify opportunities in their career. This is exactly what Sylvia does to unlock the body and mind’s full potential. If you’re thinking about working with Sylvia, don’t wait. Start today!”

Antonio NevesJournalist, Speaker and Founder of THINQACTION

REVOLUTION GRATITUDE is an easy, practical and more soulful approach to weight loss that empowers you to finally close the gap between what’s blocking you and creating lasting, permanent change – in your body and throughout your life.

JOIN US NOW for just $9 per week

That’s less than the price of 2 lattes!
Tick-blue Easy Pay Monthly Tick-blueNo Contracts Tick-blueCancel Anytime

This seasonally-based, interactive weight loss program blends leading edge brain-body technologies with ancient body wisdom practices to get you back in touch with your body’s natural biorhythms, balance hormones and ramp up metabolism.

It is structured around connecting you back to the innate wisdom of your cells and resetting your body to the cycles of Nature — the way it was always meant to be.

If you are a woman excited and ready to embody the health, vitality and body of your dreams — along with a kickass life to go with it — I have hand picked over a decade and a half of my most powerful resources and insights, that I only share with my VIP clients, and will be personally delivering them with loads of love right here, to YOU.

A Body-Soul Reboot, From The Inside Out

Our entire journey together is rooted in what feels most aligned and exciting to YOU. All of our work is approached with sincere optimism and a genuine desire to experience your body and your life at its most radically alive.

The tighter abs are an added bonus!

Experience Results, In Real-Time

Master how to tap into a unique blend of nature’s powerful biorhythms, ancient Eastern practices, and easy-to-learn modern day techniques in practical bite-sized steps to start experiencing the changes you’ve been seeking right away.

Uproot Blocks

Get “unstuck” from old self-defeating patterns that are blocking your results by throwing off your hormones, sabotaging your habits and negatively undermining your health and happiness.

Unlock The Wisdom Of Your Cells

Learn the secret to turning on your innate neurological, physiological, emotional and energetic “switch” to go from rebound yo-yoing to permanent change – the forever kind.

Metabolism Reboot

Quick and easy-to-do brain-body techniques to rewire your nervous system for optimal fat burning and vitality.

Ignite Your Brain-Body Super Powers

Amp up your intuition through techniques that tap into your body’s subtle and highly intelligent messaging system. This is the single most high-leverage move you can make to truly thrive.

Weight Loss Hacks, With Soul

Learn to leverage pleasure, passion and play to ignite sustainable weight loss and a life that rocks!

Zap The Energy Drains

Learn the most important thing you MUST do to pinpoint and shift those stealthy energy draining habits that are literally making you fat, tired and sucking the life right out of you. They are hiding out in more places than you realize!

Fitness & Food Myths Busted

Trim the fat, so to speak, off of all the weight loss hype that’s actually been keeping you stuck on that emotional weight loss roller coaster. Allow all your hard work to finally pay off, and last!